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What should I Include in My Wedding Invitations?

What should I Include in My Wedding Invitations?

June 3, 2023
Wondering what information your guests need for your big day Check out this helpful guide outlining exactly what to send with your wedding invitations

Congratulations on choosing your wedding invitation design! The next step is finalizing the text, and we’re here to help. Wondering what information to include in your wedding invitations? Look no further! We have compiled a comprehensive list to ensure you cover all the necessary details. Don’t worry about fitting everything on one piece of paper—there are options available, such as inserts and additional cards, to accommodate all the important information. By including everything upfront, you’ll save yourself from repeatedly answering the same questions. Read on to discover exactly what to include in your wedding invitations.

What to Include in Wedding Invitations

1. Names of the hosts

Begin with an “invitational line” listing the names of the hosts, whether it’s your parents, relatives, or yourselves as the couple. This is usually followed by a request line, such as “Request the Pleasure of Your Company” or “Invite You to Celebrate the Marriage of,” indicating who is hosting the event.

2. The couple’s names

Include the names of the individuals getting married. For traditional heterosexual couples, the woman’s name traditionally comes first, but you can order the names as you prefer. LGBTQIA+ couples have the flexibility to choose the ordering that feels right for them.

3. Date and time of the ceremony

Clearly state the date and time of your wedding, preferably in written format rather than numerals to avoid confusion.

4. Ceremony and reception location

Provide the names and locations of both the ceremony and reception venues. If they are at different places, include a separate reception card with the start time and address.

5. Attire details

While optional, you can include the dress code on your invitations. Alternatively, direct guests to your wedding website for attire information.

6. Wedding website address

Include the address of your wedding website as a valuable resource for guests. This is where you can provide important details such as accommodation information, registry details, and more.

7. RSVP card

Include an RSVP card or a separate reply card for guests to confirm their attendance. Specify a response deadline and consider adding a section for guests to indicate their meal preferences if applicable.

8. Extra information about the venue

If your venue is unique or unfamiliar to guests, consider including an insert with additional details. This can include parking instructions, a custom map of the area, or a list of activities guests can enjoy before the wedding.

Wedding Invitation Insert Information

1. Wedding website address

Reiterate the address of your wedding website on the invitation or include a separate card dedicated to it, even if you mentioned it on the save-the-date.

2. RSVP card

Provide a designated RSVP card along with a pre-addressed envelope and stamp for guests’ convenience. Alternatively, you can direct guests to RSVP on your wedding website.

3. Mailing envelope

Use an envelope to send all the paper goods. Consider using addressing services offered by stationery companies to save time.

4. Postage

Ensure you have the correct postage by weighing your invitation suite at the post office. Request hand-cancellation to prevent damage during processing.

5. Inner envelope (optional)

Use a smaller inner envelope to specify who is specifically invited to the wedding. Clearly write the names of each guest and indicate plus-ones or specify if the event is adults-only.

6. Reception card (optional)

Include a separate card with reception information if it is held at a different location than the ceremony. Use wording to indicate the formality and nature of the event.

7. Directions (optional)

Provide directions to the wedding venue to ensure guests arrive on time. Some guests may not have access to smartphones or reliable internet connections.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll create wedding invitations that are both visually appealing and informative. Remember to personalize your invitations to match your style while including all the necessary details. With well-designed and comprehensive invitations, you’ll set the tone for a memorable celebration of love with your cherished guests.

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