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Ideas For A Dog Friendly Wedding

Ideas For A Dog Friendly Wedding

April 19, 2023
dog friendly wedding

If you’re a proud dog parent, you’ll want to include your furry friend in your special day! We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most creative dog wedding ideas to inspire you.

Below are some creative ways to include your pet in your wedding celebration. From having your dog walk down the aisle to giving your pup a matching bowtie, these ideas are sure to make your furry friend an unforgettable part of your big day. Don’t forget to take your cues from your pup’s personality and consider whether your wedding venue allows dogs on the premises.


Photo Session

A dog-friendly photo session is a great way to capture the special bond between you and your furry companion. When choosing a location, look for a place that allows dogs and has plenty of space for your pup to run and play. Consider bringing treats or toys to help keep your dog engaged and happy during the shoot. Work with a wedding videographer and photographer who has experience with pets and can capture your dog’s personality in the photos. With a little preparation and patience, a dog-friendly photo session can result in beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Walk Down The Isle

Have your dog walk down the aisle with you,  your partner or your wedding party. You can attach a flower collar or bow tie to make them look more festive.

Signature Cocktails

Create signature cocktails and name them after your pup. You can also add a picture of your dog on the menu.

Ring Bearer

Train your dog to carry the wedding rings down the aisle on a cushion or in a small basket attached to their collar.

Dog Themed Wedding Invites

Send out pup themed invitations! From paw prints to full on drawings. 

Hire A Dog Handler

If your dog is not well-trained or might be too excited to behave during the ceremony, consider hiring a dog handler to take care of them during the wedding.

Have Your Dog Participate In The Ceremony

Have your dog sit with you during the ceremony or even say their own vows!

Dress Your Dog Up

Consider buying a tuxedo or dress for your dog to wear at the wedding.

Remember to plan ahead and consider your dog’s temperament and behavior before deciding to include them in your wedding.

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